Massage Therapists

Tara Pandos

Known for her deep, therapeutic massages. Tara customizes each treatment to your specific needs.

Tara has been practicing massage since 2004 and graduated from Standford Brown Institute to become licensed in massage therapy in 2008.

Tara strongly believes in customizing each massage to fit each individual and their needs. She is able to do this with her extensive experience in a wide range of different modalities including: myofascial release, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage and prenatal massage. Tara is also trained in Reiki, a technique for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing, which can be incorporated into her massages. Each massage Tara gives is unique, as she enjoys getting to know her clients personally and seeing their improvements with her treatments.

Shawnee Walcott

Known for her ritualistic facial/cranial and reflexology massages. Shawnee offers unique experiences for all her guests.

Shawnee graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in 2008 and has been a massage therapist for 9 years.

Shawnee has experience in both medical and spa atmospheres, with the capability of using various therapeutic techniques. She is trained in relaxation, deep-tissue, joint movement, prenatal, hot stone, aromatherapy, myofascial release and sports massage. Shawnee enjoys performing neck and footwork, and incorporating reflexology. She specializes in healing and treating injuries and conditions, such as sciatic and rotator cuff injuries and pain, alternatively and holistically by means of hands-on body working.


Debbie Stratis

Certified Aromatherapist known for customized AromaDomeĀ® sessions.Ā 

Debbie is a Certified Aromatherapist who has been using essential oils since 1998.

Debbie received her aromatherapy certification from AromaEducators in Ithaca, NY and a hydrosol for health and skin care certification from Aromatic Wisdom Institute in Pennsylvania. She is a professional member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA).